About us

And what we represent...

Since 1988 the Cowal Fiddle Workshop has been committed to promoting and preserving Traditional Scottish Music in its many forms. It tutors the fiddle from the age of seven, gives countless concerts and recitals and many accomplished musicians have passed through its portals. Our not-for–profit organisation sponsors and promotes traditional fiddle playing in the West of Scotland, hosts the Mod Fiddlers' Rally when it comes to Dunoon and continues a strong tradition of maintaining our heritage and supporting old and new music in the Traditional Style. The Dunoon Scottish Music Workshop applies a tested formula to teach aspiring players what they want to learn.

With the arrival of social distancing to our lives we have been using Zoom every weekend to continue our teaching, playing and to hold our group together until normal meetups resume and we can't wait to all be together again for real.


The objectives of the Dunoon Scottish Music Workshop are:

  • Preserve traditional Scottish music

  • Promote “Trad” music through the media and younger generations

  • Promote informal fiddling “breakout sessions”

  • Encourage playing in groups with other instruments

  • Teach in a way that encourages those who also read music

  • Teach techniques that musicians themselves want to learn

  • Let musicians enjoy the wonderful facilities Dunoon has to offer


We aim to keep Scottish Music central to our culture by supporting local events and encouraging our next generation to join in the fun. We believe that with friendly encouragement this rich tradition will continue to grow.