Workshop Goals

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Guitar - in conventional tuning and in DADGAD

  • Make your guitar work for you, with enhanced hand techniques

  • Tune Accompaniment - Working on accompaniment parts for pre-recorded sets of tunes. Looking at chord variations and substitutions, rhythm variations, capo use, counterpoint and diatonic links.

  • Song Accompaniment - Sympathetic arrangement ideas, how to create parts, hook lines and the colour and dynamic you need to bring the songs story to life

  • Melody - Learning a small selection of tunes and looking at accompaniment parts.

  • Strumming Hand Technique - The strumming hand is what makes your playing unique to you. We look at ways you can colour the strumming hand with a variety of techniques.

​                                                               Aaron Jones

Originally from Poole in England, Aaron has lived and worked in Scotland

for over twenty-five years. He spends most of his year on the road

touring throughout the World. He has recorded on countless

traditional albums and continues to tour and record regularly with

some of the biggest names in traditional music.


His band, Old Blind Dogs, were voted Band of the Year in 2004 and

2007 at the Scots Trad Music Awards and won the IAP 'Folk Album of

the Year' in the USA for their CD 'Four on the Floor'. Their latest release,

'Wherever Yet May Be', on Nashville's Compass Records was shortlisted for

the same award in 2011.


Aaron won "Instrumentalist of the Year" at the Scots Trad Music Awards in 2005.

Aaron Jones.jpg